Homesteading To Do List for March

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March Homestead To Do List-So many things need doing here on The Reid Homestead

So much to do in March!

Our March Homestead “To Do” list here at The Reid Homestead is getting pretty long. It has been dry and warm outside for the last 3 days, and that means work needs to get done. Here in the PNW, a dry day is rare and today the sky is the prettiest shade of blue, the sun is out again, and it is supposed to be about 50 degrees!

I had intended to work all day today on the blog, but woke up to sheer beauty outside. So. Yeah. I have got to get myself outside to get stuff done! But I snapped a few photo’s, and thought I would share with you a glimpse, or a little tour, around the homestead here, and share my March Homestead to do list with you all. Maybe it will help me stay on track!

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March Homestead To Do List for Gardening:

March Homestead To Do List-So Many Things! One of our blueberry beds at The Reid Homestead
Our mature blueberry bed hold 16 plants
March Homestead To Do List-So many things need doing here on The Reid Homestead
Pruned our two rows of raspberries and one row of grapes this weekend. Still need to tie up all the raspberry canes.
March Homestead To Do List-So many things need doing here on The Reid Homestead
Our immature blueberry rows with some more tomato pots up along the fence.


So many things, not quite sure where to start! Lets go over the state of the seed starting. I still need to start my own tomato seeds, write up an advertisement for tomato & pepper seeds to sell, and take orders for those. If you need tips on starting your own seed indoors, check out my Seed Starting 101 Series. I have more Winter Sowing to do, mostly annuals at this point. Maybe a few perennials. Outside, I need to plant my peas and fava beans right away. By the end of the month I would like to have planted by seed, greens, carrots, beets, radishes. I planted potatoes last fall when I harvested, but haven’t done that before, so need to check on them and plant more if there’s any doubt they aren’t coming up. Harden off the onions. Plant the brassica’s. Transplant the peppers soon. The greenhouse needs to be cleaned out. I have to wash out all my tomato and pepper pots so they are ready for transplants next month. All the veggie beds and flower beds need to be cleaned up. Mulch needs to be applied. Prune blueberries still. Tie up the raspberries. Prune the cherry trees and peach tree.

March Homestead To Do List-So many things here at the Reid Homestead!
Our month old onion starts that need another haircut.


March Homestead To Do List-So Many Things! See what needs doing here on The Reid Homestead
Two week old baby pepper seedlings

March Homestead To Do List for the Animals:

Thankfully my hubby got the goats done, so their barn is clean and their hooves are trimmed. So now we have to focus on the chickens. We do a deep litter method in their coops for the winter, and it all needs to be taken out. Problem is, we have 10 coops. Yes. 10. So that is a lot of work.

I was going to start on that today. We have to shuffle a bunch of birds around into proper breeding pens as I still have juveniles in grow out pens with all the breeds mixed together, from last year. But it is almost hatching season, so we have to sort the breeds all out to get pure hatching eggs for next month.

The chickens really should be wormed and dusted for mites also. Sadly, we have lost all of our ducks, due to raccoons. So we have also ordered electric fence materials so that we can surround both compounds with it. Last year we lost a ton of chickens to raccoons. We beefed up the coops and runs, but the electric fence will be that extra level of protection to keep them away I hope. So we have to install al the electric fencing.

March Homestead To Do List-So many things! Our goat compound includes the goat barn/shed and 5 chicken coops. The Reid Homestead
Our Goat Compound: include the goat barn/shed, and 5 chicken coops.
March Homestead To Do List-So many things! Our Layer Coop compound includes 5 chicken coops. The Reid Homestead
Our Layer Coop compound. Includes our original shed chicken coop plus 4 more chicken coops.
March To Do List-So many things! Our Duck Pen Enclosure built over our stream. The Reid Homestead
Our duck pen enclosure built over our stream.

March Homestead To Do List for Food Preservation:

Well, you wouldn’t think this time of year would have much in this department, right? But my harvest freezer still has half of my tomatoes in it from last years harvest. I need to get them all out and make a huge batch of tomato sauce and can it up. Same with berries. We are low on jam and I have a freezer full of berries, so I need to make more jam. I also need pressure can some dry beans. We go thru a lot of them since I am mostly a vegetarian/vegan want to be. And baked beans. The hubby loves baked beans and I have been buying them in the store for the last 6 months because I haven’t made time to can up our own baked beans. I wanted to make some marmalade too, but I think I missed that opportunity this year. Oh well!

March Homestead To Do List-So many things need doing this time of year at The Reid Homestead
Some of my tomato pots from last year that need to be cleaned up.
March Homestead To Do List-So many things need doing here on The Reid Homestead
The color of the sky today!

I hope you all get some good weather soon and can hit your own to do lists hard! It’s that time of year, where there is so much to do, I’m never quite sure where to start! Let me know what you are working on today! Happy Homesteading!

PS: I need advice. I need a really good supportive pair of work boots. I had foot surgery last fall and have plantar fasciitis, and need something that really supports the arch, and ideally, is waterproof too. I’m thinking a really good work boot or hiking boot. It must have arch and ankle support. Or fit my orthodic inserts I guess. Please share if you have any good ideas. I’m used to wearing crocs, oofos slides or things or mud boots, but these either aren’t supportive enough, or are supportive, but not beefy enough to support my ankle and keep my feet dry… I am on the hunt for something new. Thank you!




  1. Danielle | 7th Mar 18

    Love the list! I should really come up with a March to-do list, but then again, so much of what I need to do is dependent on the weather, and after a beautiful week filled with outdoor work, it snowed. There’s no telling how long that will last! But either way, I should make a list… that way I won’t fumble around when the weather IS right!

    • Tamara | 7th Mar 18

      Hi Danielle! I am a list maker at heart, so I always have a million lists going. Making a To Do list helps calm me down, even if it all doesn’t get tackled in the time frame that I have hoped for! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Darlene | 26th Mar 18

    Do you have list for each month? If so where can I find them. Due to surgery and other health issues I have to wait yet another year to start my homesteading but I want to be ready when I can get back to it.

    • Tamara | 27th Mar 18

      Hi Darlene! Thanks for stopping by! I hope to create one for each month, but this blog is only 2 months old, and I didn’t get one up for February. I will be trying to get one up the first week of each month in the future. So glad you found this one helpful! Just remember that you may need to alter the list for your own circumstances of course. 😉

  3. Darlene Hall | 27th Mar 18

    Thanks for the quick reply, I will keep checking back for any future list.

  4. Lisa Lombardo | 7th Mar 19

    What a nice homestead! Good luck with all of the homesteading chores this month. I have a lot to do on my homestead too! As soon as the snow melts I need to get busy in the garden.

    • Tamara | 7th Mar 19

      Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we got more snow again this morning and more coming tonight. Can’t wait for spring!!!!

  5. Dianne | 7th Mar 19

    I’m so glad to read that I am not the only blogger that “intends to work on the blog” and then the weather happens! Loved reading this post – a great list and I’ve got some envy going with the homestead.

    Love the blueberries, raspberries, goats and chickens! All the things we are working toward having. On a mission to replace the lawn and grow an edible landscape with happy chickens and goats.

    Love the images – thanks for sharing.

    • Tamara | 7th Mar 19

      Thanks Dianne for stopping by! Blogging and Homesteading are both similar, the work never ends! There are always a million things to do! Good luck with your homesteading goals!

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