How to Get Free Tomato Plants from Cuttings

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Do you love tomatoes? Would you like to double or triple how many tomato plants you are growing for FREE? Today, I will be sharing tips on how to get free tomato plants from pruning the suckers,  found in our featured post this week!

Growing Tomato Plants

tomato seedlings growing under lights

Are you a tomato lover like me? I LOVE me some home grown tomatoes! I can never get enough!

Every year I grow my tomatoes from seed, and have a lot of great tips on growing tomatoes here on the blog.

Be sure to keep reading, to learn how to get yourself some FREE tomato plants!

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I hope this was helpful! Please let me know if you have any other questions on growing tomatoes!

tomato plants growing in pots


Our Featured Post This Week:

Free Tomato Plants

This week I chose to feature on this weeks Blog Hop, a post from Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead on The Best Way to Root Tomato Cuttings

tomato plant sucker

Her post guides you through a step by step tutorial, on the proper way to root the cuttings from your tomato plants when you prune them. And walla! You will have free tomato plants in the end! How awesome is that?

It is not too late to do it either! So go outside right now, and inspect your tomato plants and I am sure you will find some large suckers that you can remove and root them today!


Your Farm Fresh Tuesday Blog Hop Hosts Are:

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And myself! I’m Tamara and I blog here at The Reid Homestead


Thank You!


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