If your Mother is a Homesteader, this is the Mother's Day Gift Guide you have been looking for!

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A Mother's Day Gift Guide for Homesteading Moms -The Reid Homestead #mom #mothersday #love
A Mother's Day Gift Guide for Homesteading Moms -The Reid Homestead #mom #mothersday #love #homesteadlifeMother's Day is almost here! Do you know what you are getting your hard working fun loving homesteading mama? Here is an awesome gift list to give you some great ideas! ~The Reid Homestead #mothersday #giftguide #homesteadmom #homesteadinggifts

A Complete Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Homesteading Moms!

May is almost here, and that means that Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Do you know what you are giving as a gift this year? Whether it is your own mother, your grandmother, or your wife that you are shopping for, if she is into homesteading or gardening, you are sure to find something on this list that she will love!

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Gardening Tools for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

All of these are things that I use myself in the garden and truly love. The right gardening tool, can make those tough jobs so much easier! The perfect gift, for the practical mom.

Cobrahead Weeding Tool :  This is hand down my favorite weeder. Works great for those really hard to get weeds with deep roots, but also, turned on it’s side, to gently scrape up newly germinated seeds.

Japanese Pruning Saw : This makes pruning so easy! Goes through thick branches like butter!

Felco F-8 Pruners : These pruners are just not like the rest. They will hold up like no other, this is what the professionals use!

Gorilla Cart Wagon : Great for touch jobs, easy tilt to unload. Great for filling with weeds, hauling compost, cleaning out animal bedding. This wagon is a work horse on my homestead!

Basic Seed Starting Equipment Kit : This is a great beginners kit for starting seeds. Please see my article on Essential Seed Starting Equipment for a more detailed list.


Food Preservation & Kitchen Tools for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

These are all wonderful tools to help preserve the garden bounty on your Mom’s Homestead. If she doesn’t have these in her kitchen, she NEEDS them! More great practical gift ideas.

Harvest Basket : Great for hauling in the garden harvest or the eggs from the chicken coop! Or it just looks nice on your counter too!

Excalibur  Dehydrator : Perfect for making fruit roll ups for the kids, or drying your extra herbs or even large harvests of potatoes, peas, carrots, etc. Dehydrating food is the best way to preserve it’s nutritional value.

Waterbath Canning Set : Most every homesteader knows how to can the basics in a water bath canner. But if the mom you are shopping for is new to homesteading, this is a must have item!

Presto Pressure Canner: Once water bath canning has been mastered, most homesteaders than learn how to pressure can. Which allows for meat and most vegetables to be canned. Another must have item! See my article Which Pressure Canner Should You Get? where I review two of the most popular models.

Instant Pot : After working on the homestead all day long, the last thing I want to do sometimes is cook dinner. The Instant Pot whips up dinner quick! This is another must have kitchen item!


Chicken Themed Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

For a little more fun, for the mom who loves her chickens! I know I sure do!

Rubber Chicken Purse : Yes. Believe it! This is the perfect gift for that Crazy Chicken Lady you know and love! Also known as the “Hen Bag”!

Sloggers Chicken Boots : I have a pair of these, and my daughter loved them so much, she had to have a pair! These are great for mucking out the chicken coop or working in the garden, or, for wearing around town!

Egg Gathering Apron : Cute AND functional! I cannot tell you how many times I have put an egg in my pocket, and then, you know…..you forget, and bam. Then you have a really yucky pocket! This solves that!

Chicken Leg Socks : These make for a fun and silly gift!


Relaxing & Self Care Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mom’s sure do work hard, especially homesteading mom’s! Give them something to relax with!

Okeefe’s Working Hands : This is my favorite for hardworking hands. Prevents cracking and keeps your hands soft and ready for another days work.

Dr Teals Espom Salts : This is my favorite product for dumping in my soaking tub to help my aching bones after a long day working in the garden!

Essential Oil Diffuser and Lavender Essential oil : Using one of these diffusers is helpful in so many ways. So many different oils can be used here, but my favorite to relax is Lavender. I also like to add a few drops to my bath.


Animal Vegetable Miracle : This is the book that got me into homesteading. Every homesteader should read it!

The Backyard Homestead : This is the best homesteading resource book out there!

The All New Ball Book of Canning : This is the book all canners must have. Full of how to information and wonderful recipes.


I hope you found a great gift idea from this list. Whether your mom is practical, fun or just needs to relax! The best gift of all though, is spending time with her. But a giving a gift too is always nice. 🙂

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Mother's Day is almost here! Do you know what you are getting your hard working fun loving homesteading mama? Here is an awesome gift list to give you some great ideas! ~The Reid Homestead #mothersday #giftguide #homesteadmom #homesteadinggifts

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