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Are you shopping for a gardener this holiday season? Than you are in the right place! You will be sure to find something on this Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners!

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Gardening Tools I Highly Recommend that Make Great Gifts!

And now onto the my holiday gift guide for gardeners that you need to shop for this holiday season. All of these are things that I use myself in the garden and truly love. The right gardening tool, can make those tough jobs so much easier!

Cobrahead Weeding Tool :  This is hands down my favorite weeder. Works great for those really hard to get weeds with deep roots, but also, turned on it’s side it works great to gently scrape up newly germinated weed seeds. Or use to dig holes when transplanting smaller plants.

Japanese Pruning Saw : This makes pruning so easy! Goes thru thick branches like butter! The blades are also replaceable. I’ve had mine for 3 yrs now, and haven’t needed to replace them yet!

Felco F-8 Pruners : These pruners are just not like the rest. They will hold up like no other, this is what the professionals use!

Gorilla Cart Wagon : Great for tough jobs, easy tilt to unload. Great for filling with weeds, hauling compost, cleaning out animal bedding. This wagon is a work horse on my homestead!

Garden Cart Rolling Scooter : This is a must have for any gardeners with hip, knee or feet problems. It lets them scoot around to get those weeding and planting chores done in the garden. This allows them to still get out in the garden, but makes some of those chores much easier on them.

Gardening Kits, Sets & Collections I Highly Recommend that Make Great Gifts!

Basic Seed Starting Equipment Kit : This is a great beginners kit for starting seeds. Please see my article on Essential Seed Starting Equipment for a more detailed list.


Culinary Herb Seed Collection of 12 : This is a set of 12 different herb seed packets. Great for the gardener in your life who also loves to cook! These would make great stocking stuffers too! Share my Seed Starting 101: Winter Sowing article with them and they can sow most of these seeds outdoors in winter!


Seed Storage Boxes : These are storage boxes for photo collections and they are what I use for organizing my seeds. If your gardener has a seed stash that is out of control, this is what they need! I have 3 of these. See my post How to Keep Your Seed Stash Organized where I show up close how I use these.


Gardening Tool Set : This set is super heavy duty, and great for men or women gardeners! As a gardener, I know you can never have enough of most of these tools. Our veggie garden is out front, our fruit garden is in back, then we have driveway beds and flower beds all over. I like to keep tools like these close to each of the main gardening areas so I’m not constantly looking for them!


Food Preservation Equipment and Tools for the Vegetable Gardener!

These are all wonderful tools to help preserve the garden harvest. Especially useful if shopping for a gardener who has a vegetable garden! More great practical gift ideas.

Harvest Basket : Great for hauling in the garden harvest or the eggs from the chicken coop! Or it just looks nice on your counter too! You can set it straight in the sink to rinse off the produce or eggs.

Excalibur  Dehydrator : Perfect for making fruit roll ups for the kids, or drying your extra herbs or even large harvests of potatoes, peas, carrots, etc. Dehydrating food is the one of the best ways to preserve it’s nutritional value.

Waterbath Canning Set : Most every homesteader knows how to can the basics in a water bath canner. This is a great kit for someone just getting into canning! With a waterbath canner, canning jams, jelly’s, tomatoes, fruits and pickled veggies are super fun!

Presto Pressure Canner: Once water bath canning has been mastered, most homesteaders than learn how to pressure can. Which allows for meat and most vegetables to be canned. Another must have item for a gardener who has a real homesteading mindset!

Relaxing & Self Care Gifts for the Hardworking Gardener!

Gardening can be really hard work! Give the gardener you love some self care items this holiday season!

Okeefe’s Working Hands : I honestly believe that most real hard core gardeners forget their gloves about 90% of the time. Because you just run out to grab a tomato for lunch, and a weedy area catches your attention, and 2 hrs later you realize how hungry you are! At least this is what always happens to me and my hands take the brunt of that little distraction which happens all the time! This is my favorite for hardworking hands. Prevents cracking and keeps your hands soft and ready for another days work. Another great stocking stuffer idea!

Dr Teals Espom Salts : This is my favorite product for using in my soaking tub to help my aching bones after a long day working in the garden!

Animal Vegetable Miracle : This is the book that got me into homesteading. Every gardener and/or homesteader should read it! I recommend it highly to everyone I know!


Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners!

I hope you found the perfect gift on my holiday gift guide for gardeners list. Whether the gardener in your life is practical, fun or just needs to relax! If you haven’t found something here that suits your fancy, perhaps try these other posts of mine: Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Homesteading Moms, Best Gardening Shoes for Women, or my Essential Seed Starting Equipment List!

Happy Holidays!

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