Tips on How to Water Your Garden Properly

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Are you watering your garden properly? Many people don’t. Today, I will be sharing all about watering solutions for your garden via my own personal tips, and those solutions found in our featured post!

How to Water Your Garden Properly

Now that the summer heat is settling in, watering your garden is essential. If you are a beginner gardener, this post is for you!

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I participate in a lot of online gardening groups, and one thing I see time and time again, is people incorrectly watering their garden. And then they wonder why their plants are struggling.

I saw a post on last weeks Blog Hop on this topic on how to water your garden, and decided to feature it this week as it is very timely!

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Watering Tips for the Garden

My personal tips on watering your garden the correct way are these:

  • water deeply, every few days on an overcast/rainy day if you can to prevent extra evaporation
  • when you think you are done watering, dig down 6″ or so and check to see if the soil is wet down there, it should be!
  • do not water briefly every day: this only waters the surface roots, which dry out very quickly due to the heat of the sun
  • your goal should be to water the deeper roots, you want the water to go as deep as possible, so the plants will send their roots deeper
  • plants with only surface roots will struggle and not produce well for you
  • plants with deep roots will be happier healthier plants
  • MULCH! It conserves water, prevents evaporation AND prevents weeds! See my article on mulching: The Secret to Easy Gardening, Use Mulch for No Weeding!

Our Featured Post This Week:

5 Watering Solutions for Your Home Garden

This week I chose to feature on this weeks Blog Hop, a post from on 5 Watering Solutions for Your Home Garden.

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Her post talks about the many different ways to water, with tips on how to do it properly. She gives great tips on why using a sprinkler is bad, hand watering with either a hose or a watering can is time consuming and physically demanding, introduces Olla Irrigation Jugs, and discusses soaker hoses and irrigation systems. So be sure to go check it out, and get all the scoop on these different watering methods and be sure to irrigate your garden properly.

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  1. Nancy | 18th Jun 19

    We use soaker hoses and sprinklers. We have very heavy clay soil, mulch, composted for 10 years. We find the combo works great. We also have a 55 gallon rain barrel for water.

    • Tamara | 18th Jun 19

      Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for sharing what works well for you! I personally use soaker hoses and hand water about 90 percent of the time. If I don’t have the time, I do use a sprinkler, but hate to do that if I can help it because so much water evaporates that way!

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