How to Preserve your Pumpkins and Winter Squash by Roasting and Freezing

Fall is in the air, and it is almost time to harvest those pumpkins and winter squash. These are one of my favorite foods to grow in the garden. They are super easy, just plant and forget about them. Than as fall comes around, it is like a treasure hunt to see how many you can find. I always plant a lot of varieties of pumpkin and winter squash and we all enjoy harvesting them together. Most pumpkins and winter squash will easily keep for months if stored in a cool dark cupboard. I like to roast some of them and then put into the freezer for those lazy cooking days and it is nice to have on hand. You may also can pumpkin or squash in chunks using a pressure canner, but it is not safe to can it in a pureed form. In this article, I will teach you how to preserve your pumpkins and winter squash by roasting and freezing it. Also see my article on why you should also freeze some of your tomato harvest! Choosing the Pumpkins or Squash for Roasting My favorite pumpkin or squash to use for roasting is the Jarrahdale Pumpkin. It is a beautiful blue flattish pumpkin that is just stunning to look at. The meat of this pumpkin is similar to Butternut Squash, which is another favorite and works well with this method. But almost any type will work. Blue Hubbard Squash,  Sweet Meat Squash and Pie Pumpkins are others that will also work well. Cleaning Up the Pumpkins and Squash First thing you need to do is to get your pumpkin or squash all cleaned up and ready for roasting. Clean the exterior of the pumpkin or squash well, making sure to remove any dirt. Give the whole pumpkin…


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