DIY Velvet Pumpkin Craft Tutorial

This easy DIY No Sew Velvet Pumpkin Craft is fun to make and doesn't require a sewing machine!

– 5.5 inch Foam Pumpkin – 14x14 inch piece of velvet fabric – Scissors – Hot glue gun and glue stick – Stick for stem


Start by cutting your fabric to size if needed.

The next step is to take the stem out of the pumpkin. Cut around the stem at the top of the pumpkin, using the scissors or an exacto knife. You’ll want just enough room to tuck the corners of the fabric inside, and then to push your stick through.

Set your pumpkin in the center of the fabric square.  Grab one corner and pull it up, then to the top middle of the pumpkin where you carved out the stem. Tuck it into the hole you made.

Now grab a corner next to that, and do the same thing.  Then repeat with the other two corners.

Stick your finger in there to make sure all of the ends are tucked tightly, then put a very generous dollop of hot glue down in there.

Immediately push the stick through the hole, into the glue. Gently hold it there for about 30 seconds until it’s all secure.

You can also use some old denim, burlap or muslin that you have lying around. You could even use an old quilt for a fun shabby look!

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