Get Rid of Rats on Your Homestead

Due to feeding livestock, rats and mice find homesteads and farms a great place to move in, but sometimes they find your yard too even if YOU don't have livestock.

Are you noticing holes along the foundation of your home, or barn? Or rat droppings in your chicken coop or other out buildings on your property? If so, then you might have a rat problem.

I wanted to share one tool that has worked great for us. It is called The Ratinator and it is a wire cage, that traps a bunch of rats at once, as many as 21 they say.

Look for heavy rat infestation clues. Trails in the grass, droppings, new holes...etc.

By placing the trap on a hard surface, this prevents them from burrowing under it to access the bait.

Bait the trap HEAVILY, with whatever they have been feeding on. In my case, it is just plain old layer pellets.

Cover the traps with some weeds or greens or leaves or whatever you have on hand to give them some privacy and make it less scary to them.

Bait the station heavily for 4-6 days with the trap door held open. On the 5th-7th day, snip the zip tie that holds the trap door open and bait as you have been and cover.

The next day, check the trap and you should have caught your first round of rats.

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