Natural Control Methods for Slugs and Snails

Nothing compares to walking out in your garden in the morning and finding your plants destroyed overnight. You might have a slug and snail problem and figuring out slug and snail control methods is vital.

Some of the best predators of slugs and snails that you should encourage to your garden include: – Birds – Snakes – Lizards – Toads – Frogs – Ground Beetles

Diatomaceous earth is often included in most slug and snail control method lists, but it’s not as effective as other choices.

Organic slug baits are just as effective as the traditional traps. Look for bait that uses iron phosphate as the active ingredient such as Sluggo.

The beer trap method is a very effective choice. Put out shallow bowls of beer and the slugs crawl in and drown.

You can buy or make plans for a tiny electric slug fence that goes around raised beds, protecting the plants, or use copper strips to deter slugs from entering your garden.

Look for wool pellets that are made to control slugs in the garden. These pellets are made from compressed natural wool, and gardeners spread them around the base of your plants.

Avoid using loose mulches that provide hiding places for slugs throughout the day. Snails and slugs love mulches like straw, hay, and wood mulches. Pick compost or leaf mold as the perfect mulch.

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