Winter Sowing Lavender Seed

Learn how to grow lavender from seed easily and simply using the winter sowing method! Who doesn't want to grow more lavender in their garden, right?

When the lavender is in full bloom in the summer time, it is really easy to save some of your own lavender seed from plants you may already have.

After they are good and dry, I place them in a ziplock bag for storage until seed planting time.

I plant lavender seed in January here in my garden zone 8b near Seattle, WA.  This is a great time to plant any hardy perennials when you use the winter sowing method.

Fill the jugs with 3-4" of dampened potting soil. Then take one branch of the lavender, pinching it with your fingers, move down the stem, and let the seed fall on top of the soil. I think I did 3-4 branches worth of seed for each jug.

Tape your jug closed, label and place outside in an area where it will receive sun and rain. Keep a watch on the seed, so that you know when the seed has germinated and you have seedlings now growing. If you are having a really dry spell, or unusually warm spell, you may need to water them.

When you are ready to transplant the seedlings, empty the jug by dumping in upside down. Literally pull the plants apart and plant!

As you can see, it is easy to grow lavender from seed using winter sowing. Once you have done this once, you will be sure to do it every year! This seed starting method works great for many things, click thru to read more!

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