Easy DIY Snowman Wood Bead Ornament

This snowman wood bead ornament is a simple craft to make for your Christmas tree! It is also a perfect activity to do with the kids this holiday season!

Supplies – 3 - 20mm wooden beads  – 1 - black marker – 1 - orange marker – Twine – Scissors – ¼" ribbon in red or green – scotch tape (optional)

Use the black marker to draw “eyes” on one of the beads to begin making the snowman's head.

Use the orange marker to draw the “nose” underneath the eyes.

Use the black marker to draw a "mouth" under the nose.

Cut a 12 inch length of twine. Tie a double knot, making a 1-2 inch loop, leaving about ¼ inch of twine hanging off the end.

Thread the bead that you just made the snowman face on through the un-looped end of the twine. Thread the next two beads onto the twine.

Tie a double knot tightly under the third bead, then snip off the end with a scissors.

Cut an 8 inch length of ribbon, and tie it into a bow between the snowman face bead and the one under it.

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