How to Freeze Your Berry Harvest

Don't let your berries go to waste! If you can't use them fresh, simply freeze them with this step by step tutorial on how to freeze berries to preserve them!

Freezing berries this way allows you to grab just what you need, when you need them, all year long, and it is super simple to do.

After picking berries, fill a huge bowl with cold water and a few glugs of white vinegar. Dump the berries in there and swish them around.

Than strain in a colander, and repeat a couple more times with just water.

Lay them on a towel in a single layer until they are dry.

Once they are dry, move them onto a cookie sheet. Place the cookie sheets in the freezer until the berries are frozen.

When the berries are fully frozen, scoop them up off the cookie sheet into containers to store them in the freezer.

When they are frozen individually first, they will not stick together and will remain loose, for easy use to add a few to whatever you like.

Ways to Use Your Berries: -Pull out a cup to add to a smoothie -a handful to add to your cereal or yogurt

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