How to Use Straw and Hay in the Garden

Today we are talking about the benefits of using straw or hay in the garden, an inexpensive material that is often overlooked!

Any exposed dirt or earth, that is not growing a dense sea of plants, is an invitation for weed seeds to take hold and grow.

Sometimes I do have a few weed seeds germinate from the straw, but when this happens, they are super easy to pull out.

– Potato Beds – Pumpkin Patch – Asparagus Bed – Raspberry Bed – Blueberry Bed – Around and over Potatoes – flower beds – paths in the garden – really, anywhere dirt is exposed!

Garden Areas to Use Straw

Use straw bales to build a very simple cold frame. They allow you to plant earlier in spring or later into fall.

Straw is a great material to add to your compost as a brown material which will help add bulk and aeration to your compost pile as it breaks down.

Straw and spent hay are both inexpensive and available most everywhere

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