How to Transplant Tomato Seedlings

Today we will be talking about how to transplant tomato seedlings, in order to have them grow into huge, healthy productive tomato plants!

You want to wait until their second set of leaves have come in at a minimum before transplanting them.

If you planted multiple tomato seeds in each cell and more than one has germinated, yes, you can safely separate them and transplant each one into its own new pot.

Before moving your tomato seedlings to their permanent location outdoors, they need to be hardened off properly.

If you transplant seedlings on a hot sunny day, the heat and the sun could cause them to go into shock. Waiting for a series of overcast days to transplant them is best.

Removing the lower leaves on the tomato seedling allow for more roots to grow when you bury the stem.

At planting time, you will want to bury as much stem as possible, as the tomatoes will grow new roots along the lower stem, which makes for a stronger, healthier plant.

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