Make Money Selling Seedlings from Home

I am going to talk about how you can make money by growing plants at home, selling seedlings, vegetable starts and more. Start planning now and grow some extra seedlings to sell!

Extra tomato and pepper seedlings are some of the most profitable plants to grow and sell from home this spring, so start now!

Join local Facebook groups that discuss vegetable gardening or homesteading, to see what people are looking for and what the prices are in your local area as they vary by region.

Then list what you have for sale on Facebook Marketplace. List the varieties you have for sale, times you are available for pick up, prices and what payment types you accept.

Be sure to keep a label with every single plant, especially when you up pot!

Keep in mind how quickly tomatoes grow. If you start them too soon, you will end up with leggy starts that are tall and delicate and unhealthy looking, which won't sell well.

To keep my costs as minimal as possible, I only up pot into 4" pots or Solo cups with holes cut into the bottom. Potting up to larger sizes will increase your potting soil costs.

Propagating many plants is really easy by dividing perennials or doing some simple research online. Houseplants are easy to sell year round.

Be sure to check with your local business licensing authorities to find out the rules and regulations for selling plants from home in your area, as these vary far and wide based on your location.

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