Vegetables that Grow in the Shade

The good news is that there really are a lot of great options for growing vegetable plants in the shade to help make the most of your garden space all season long.

Asparagus is a must have perennial edible that will come back year after year. It will tolerate being grown in the shade, but may produce less than in a sunny location.

All of the brassica family of plants will do well in the shade. – cabbage – cauliflower – broccoli – brussel sprouts – kohlrabi

All greens will do well in the shade.

Peas hate the heat and will usually wither and die in the heat of the summer. They love being planted in spring and fall, but for a summer crop, they will love the shade.

Root vegetables will do ok in the shade, but these crops will also take a bit longer to mature than the seed packet or plant label may indicate if planted in the shade.

Leeks do not mind growing in the shade and neither do scallions aka green onions.

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