Purple Vegetables for Your Garden

Purple Vegetables for your garden are a must have, not only are they beautiful, but they are super healthy too!

Artichokes are an amazing food to grow, not only for their amazing flavor, or their gorgeous purple flowers, and there are purple varieties available also.

Bell peppers make a great addition to your garden and purple ones are especially striking. These peppers taste like red and green bell peppers but have a stunning purple color.

Purple Bok Choy may just be one of the most stunning vegetables I have ever grown.

Purple cabbage is actually red cabbage with a striking purple color that is packed with antioxidants.

There are even purple and black varieties of carrots that are packed with even more nutrients that can help keep your family healthy.

Purple of Sicily is a must have purple cauliflower I grow every year and there are several other purple cauliflower varieties as well.

While kale may not be a favorite vegetable, the purple variety can be a bit more fun to see in your food.

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