How to Organize Your Seed Stash

Do you have a million seed packets laying around? Than this is for you! Today I am sharing with you my favorite system to keep your seed stash organized!

Some genius out there realized how perfectly these plastic photo storage boxes work for seed packets. It's like they were made to store seeds!

They fit just right, snap closed, you can see through them so you know what is in each. It's perfect really. And simple! Genius.

If you are a seed addict like me with an ever growing collection, you might need more than one....ask for them for Christmas, your birthday or Mothers Day or Fathers Day!

 I now have 4 boxes, one for flowers, one for cold season veggies, one for warm season veggies and one for veggie seeds I start indoors in winter.

You can have a case for old seeds and new seeds! Flower seeds and veggie seeds! One for direct sown seeds, one for seeds started indoors.

I hope you found this helpful, there are links to these photo boxes on my blog, but any crafting place will sell them too!

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