How to Prevent Tomatoes from Splitting & Cracking

Tomatoes splitting open or cracking, is a common problem. But there are some simple solutions to solving this common tomato problem!

The reason your tomatoes split and crack open, is pretty straight forward. This happens when the plant gets too much water all at once.

Cracks can be across the bottom or vertically up the side of a tomato, or they can also be concentric circles around the top of the tomato.

The easiest way to prevent your tomatoes from splitting and cracking, is to make sure that they are consistently watered.

Drip watering systems are ideal, because they don't waste water to evaporation and run off.

Ideally they should get a minimum 1-2" of water each week, and don't allow them to dry out between waterings.

If you catch them right as they split, they are probably ok if eaten right away. I would still cut off the open part and discard it.

Not only can tomatoes split after a good watering, but watering them can also dilute their flavor. Pick ripe tomatoes before watering or a heavy rain.

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