How to Save Your Own Tomato Seed

Saving your own tomato seed, is not only a more economical way to grow your favorite varieties, but it makes for stronger plants too!

It will obviously be cheaper for you to save your own tomato seeds, rather than having to buy them.

By saving seed again and again, season after season, you will always have much stronger plants, than from buying seed from a location outside your microclimate.

If growing the same variety of tomato over and over again is your goal, don't use hybrid varieties, use the open pollinated or heirloom varieties.

When you are ready to  save seed from your tomatoes, you want to choose the fruit, that best represents that variety of tomato to you.

Use your finger to scoop out the gelatinous covered seed from the fruit and place in a jar or non-metallic glass bowl.

The gel coating inhibits the seed from germinating, so you want to remove it before saving the seed.  You remove it by letting it ferment in water.

Add an inch or two of water to cover well. Stir. Cover the jar with a paper towel and rubber band and let sit for a few days in a warm location.

The gelatinous bit around each seed, will begin to ferment causing a moldy layer to form on top of the water.

Pour off the yuck from the top gently. Add more water and repeat, being careful to not pour off any of the seed from the bottom. Repeat until the water is clear.

Strain the seeds and let dry. Be absolutely certain they are dry or they will mold in storage and that will make them not germinate next year.

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