Hardneck VS Softneck Garlic

Let's talk about the differences between hardneck vs softneck garlic so that you can better understand which variety is more suitable to your growing climate.

The first and most crucial difference between hardneck and softneck garlic is knowing where they grow.

Hardneck garlic varieties grow best when planted in Northern regions with cold temperatures and harsh winters.

Hardneck garlic actually NEEDS the cold weather. It requires prolonged exposure to cold weather.

Hardneck garlic has fewer cloves, but each one is larger and they are easier to peel than softneck garlic cloves.

Garlic scapes are edible flowering stems that are delicious but only produced by hardneck garlic varieties.

Softneck garlic thrives in areas with mild winters, so if you live in USDA zones 8-12, this is the type of garlic for you.

Softneck garlic produces a larger bulb with more individually wrapped garlic cloves inside of the bulb.

Softneck garlic has better storage abilities. So it will last longer in storage than hardneck varieties. Softneck garlic is what you will most often see in the grocery store.

It is said that hardneck garlic has a more robust, richer garlic flavor and that softneck garlic is mild with a slight kick.

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