How to Have a Plant Sale

Every year I grow some extra vegetable seedlings, especially tomatoes and peppers, and sell them in the spring. But you can have a plant sale any time of year.

You can also divide your perennials, propagate shrubs or house plants, and hold a plant sale with those. You can become a backyard grower with a backyard nursery to support your hobby!

Just like having a garage sale, you can sell plants right from your driveway! List them on Facebook Market place with the day/time/price, or schedule appointments for people to come by to shop!

A greenhouse by your driveway, would also be a great place to sell plants from, similar to a road side stand!

Another option is to sell your plants at the local farmer's market. This is a great idea to do a couple of times a year to find new customers.

Create a Pop-Up venue on your farm and invite friends to sell too! They can sell crafts or handmade items, the more variety offered, the more interest you will have.

Make sure that you are covering your own costs when you price things, and look at what local prices are to help you decide on prices. Your goal is to make money growing plants at home!

Be sure to check all of your local rules and regulations as they differ in every location. You may need a business license or a nursery endorsement to be set up to sell plants legally.

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