Basil Almond Pesto Recipe

This Basil Almond Pesto recipe is super easy to make, especially when you have an abundance of basil and/or fresh garlic from the garden!

This pesto also uses less oil, making it a healthier option than store brands.

Ways to use Pesto: – baked on chicken breasts – as a condiment on sandwiches – on your avocado toast – scrambled eggs or in an omelet – toss some potatoes in pesto and roast them

– 2 cups fresh basil leaves – ½ cup whole raw almonds – ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese – ½ teaspoon salt, to start – 4 cloves garlic cloves – ½ cup good quality extra virgin olive oil


Place the basil leaves, almonds, Parmesan cheese, salt and garlic cloves in a food processor.

Process until the almonds have broken down and you have a thickish paste.

While the food processor is spinning gradually add the olive oil.

Once you have a smooth pesto, taste and if needed adjust the salt if desired.

Store the pesto in glass jar until ready to use. It’ll keep fresh in the refrigerator for about one week or you could also freeze for later use.

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