Homesteading Tasks for Winter  To Do List

Homesteading Tasks for the Winter are a bit more leisurely than the other busy seasons on the homestead. This to do list will help you stay on track with your chores this winter!

Set Goals, Get Organized and Make a Budget

Doing these things will help you feel more productive throughout the year and keep you on track.

Animal Care

Livestock on your homestead needs more care now than they do in the warmer months. Feeding and watering can be more cumbersome in the winter so setting up systems to simplifiy the process is a good idea.

If you have any pregnant livestock over the winter, you should consider taking the time to prepare for birthing and caring for newborn animals.

Setting Up for Birthing

The winter is a great time to work on repairing fencing and even expanding your fences and animal enclosures to allow you to bring in more livestock in the spring.

Work on Fences and Enclosures

The winter is the perfect time to spend shopping for seeds, poultry, and supplies you need on your homestead. It's also a great time to can things taking up space in your freezer.

Shopping for Supplies

To give your garden a head start, you should take the time to add to your compost pile over the winter.


Spending time chopping wood to add to your pile helps to keep your pile going strong so there is no risk of running out during a snowstorm.

Chopping and Prepping the Wood for Heating

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