Easy DIY Gnome Ornament Tutorial

These adorable DIY Gnome Christmas Ornaments are simple to make in just 5 minutes! Perfect ornament craft for kids and adults alike to add to your Christmas decor or give as a gift!

Ingredients – Gnome hat pattern – Black Marker  – Scissors – Felt sheet – 3 yards of yarn – 1 piece of twine 12" long – Hot glue gun – ¾ inch wooden doll head (flat on one side) – Flat bead or button, about ½ inch in diameter

Download and print the gnome hat pattern. Cut the pattern out, around the black lines.

Use the marker to trace the pattern onto the felt. Cut the traced pattern out, cutting on the inside of the traced marker solid line.

Grab the end of the yarn, and loosely wrap it around your hand 15 times. Cut the end off. Cut a length of yarn about 5-6 inches.

Cut a piece of twine into a long strand, about 10-12 inches. This will secure the wound up yarn.

Use the scissors to cut the loops off either end of the wrapped yarn to make a pom pom which will become the gnome's beard.

Fold the glued part of the felt up to form a cone-shaped gnome hat, overlapping edges of the felt cone-shaped hat, but leaving a small hole at the top for the looped twine to go through.

Use the glue gun along the bottom edge of the hat, to secure the cone hat. Glue the bead to the front of the gnome, where the hat meets the yarn body to make the gnome's nose.

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