Add In Ideas

Stove Top Stuffing

Here are some tasty, quick and easy ways to dress up your favorite Stove Top Stuffing just in time for the holidays!

Boxed stuffing such as Stove Top, is already well seasoned and a bit on the salty side, so be sure to consider this before adding any additional seasonings such as more broth, or salty seasoning spices or mixes.

Add in a some of your favorite herbs, either fresh or dried works well!


Herb Ideas:

– Parsley – Sage – Rosemary – Thyme – Chives – Scallion – Roasted garlic


Add in some pre-cooked meat to your stuffing! – Giblets – Sausage – Beef – Pork – Venison – Bacon/Pancetta

Adding in some vegetables is always a good idea and it is an easy place to "hide" some veggies for those who try to avoid them! Consider sautéing them or roasting them first.


– onions/shallots/leeks – celery – peppers – mushrooms – carrots – winter squash/pumpkin – sweet potato

Vegetables Ideas:

I think the addition of fruit is a really unique way to upscale your stuffing!


– figs – apples – pears – cranberries

Fruit Ideas:

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