Why You Should Freeze Your Tomato Harvest

There are many reasons to freeze at least a part of your tomato harvest.  I will share them all with you as well as how to freeze tomatoes from your garden!

1. I fill my clean and sanitized sink with cold water 2. Add a few large glugs of vinegar. 3. I wipe off any big dirty areas on the tomatoes, and then drop the tomatoes in the sink gently.

Let the tomatoes sit in the sink for a few minutes, swish them around a time or two.

The vinegar helps kill off any bacteria or mold that may be sitting on the tomatoes, so this is an important step.

After washing, set them on a towel to dry.

Take each tomato and core it, and cut an X on the opposite end. Place in a zip lock freezer bag and put in the freezer!

You can always add more tomatoes to the bag if it isn't full next time you harvest some.

Freezing tomatoes makes for such EASY PEELING! If you can any type of tomato product, you know the hassle of blanching and peeling tomatoes.

Do some serious canning with your frozen tomatoes in your down time this winter, instead of during the hot summer when there are other things you would rather be dong!

Freezing the tomatoes destroys their cell structure, so once thawed, they turn to mush and do not hold their shape, so making tomato sauce with them is the best option.

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