Are You Using Eggshells in the Garden?

There are many benefits to using eggshells in the garden. Collect them as you use them in your kitchen.

Lay the eggshells out on a cookie sheet and bake at 250 degrees for about 1 hour to thoroughly dry them out before crushing them.

Baking them helps dry out the membrane which can remain rubbery if there is any moisture left in it.

Keep piling them and crushing the eggshells until they are broken down well.

Store them in a mason jar, and you can keep adding to it as you use more eggs.

Collect all of your soil amendments when you are ready to plant your vegetable garden seedlings.

Add one tablespoon of crushed eggshells to your planting hole or container, when planting out your tomatoes, peppers & squash plants to add calcium & prevent blossom end rot.

If you use a soil test in your garden, and your calcium is low, sprinkle the eggshells liberally in that area.

Enjoy your healthy and abundant garden harvest!

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