Fall Homestead To Do List

Lets get our fall off to on the right start by staying on top of all the things that need doing on the homestead with this Fall Homestead To Do List!

Fall Gardening To Do List:

Extend your growing season to grow more food. Perhaps add a cold frame or greenhouse. Fall is also the time to plant your garlic.

Consider spreading compost on your beds to help build healthy soil and feed your plants.

Fall Animal To Do List:

Fall is the time to check housing and fencing for your animals. Do any repairs that might need to be done before winter sets in.

Be sure you have enough plus a little extra feed on hand. You don't want to run out and then have a big storm blow in and be stuck without it.

Fall Home & Property To Do List:

Food preservation may still be a huge part of the fall activities.

Check your furnace, wood stove or fireplace and do any maintenance that may be required.

Perhaps you have drafty windows and need to install a window insulation kit.

Check your roof for leaks and get that chimney cleaned!

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