DIY Straw Bale Cold Frame

Learn how to make a simple straw bale cold frame DIY using old windows, to either harden off your plant starts or to extend your growing season!

A straw bale cold frame is a box made from straw bales and windows, and the box becomes the cold frame which protects plants from frost. The straw bales help to insulate the plants.

The window on top allows the sun in to help warm the space, keeps the heat from escaping and lets in the sunlight needed by the plants for photosynthesis.

Cold frames do not need to be airtight, but should also not have super large openings in it, especially at night time when temperatures are cooler.

We bought six bales of straw. The straw will be reused later, for mulching in the garden. We had 3 old windows lying around,

We simply placed 2 bales end to end on the long side, 1 bale on each end, and placed the windows on top.

And that is how simple it is to make a cold frame with straw bales and windows!

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