Easy Simple Composting + DIY Bin Tutorial

This system is perfect for those who are just beginning with composting. Before using this system, the composting just wasn't happening on our homestead, because I was not turning the pile enough.

Using a bin, involves no turning of the pile, that is why it is so easy! Just a simple compost trash can that you can make yourself.

Composting Bin

Use a heavy duty plastic garbage can with a lid. Drill the holes evenly spaced 8"-10" apart over the entire can and lid.

Set the can down directly on the earth. Don't put it up on your deck, or prop it up on some platform. You want the bottom of the bin resting on good ol' dirt.

Collect kitchen scraps such as vegetable and fruit trimmings, egg shells, coffee grounds and tea bags.

Collect Greens

I like to use spent animal bedding, the manure is fantastic for feeding the soil!

Compost "Browns"

Dump in your kitchen scraps. Add three times that much in brown materials. So if you dump 1 gallon of "greens" in, add 3 gallons of "browns".

Spray with a hose if you want to jumpstart things, getting everything inside good and damp. This will start the magical process of things breaking down in there. Put the lid on.

In anywhere from 3-6 months time, open the lid, and walla. You will have lovely compost to layer on your garden in either spring or in fall.

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