How to Plant Onion Seedlings

This will teach you how to plant onion seedlings for a healthy robust onion harvest in late summer!

Onions are a cold hardy crop, so they can be planted much earlier than your warm season crops.

Onions are heavy feeders, so first I add a good sprinkling of organic vegetable fertilizer. I try to choose one with a higher phosphorus level.

Than add a couple inches of home made organic compost and water this all in a few days prior to planting.

Your seedlings should be at least 1/8" thick before planting. If they are smaller, they may rot in the ground.

Trim them down if they are long by giving them a haircut, reducing them to only 3-4" tall.

After planting them, I take a hose and water them in gently with a gentle spray nozzle.

After the seedlings have become established for about a month, you should mulch with another layer of compost and feed some organic fertilizer once a month since onions are heavy feeders.

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