DIY Rose Heart Bath Bombs Gift Idea for Mother’s Day!

These homemade bath bombs with rose flower petals, are super simple to make and so nice to add to a hot bath!

Making your own bath bombs can also be a creative outlet for you!

Supplies List: – 4 oz baking soda – 2 oz epsom salt – 2 oz corn starch – 2 oz citric acid – 1 tbsp sweet almond oil – ½ teaspoon water – 25 drops rose absolute essential oil – 1 tbsp mini rose petals – Silicon heart shaped mold

Add all of the dry ingredients. Whisk until completely combined

Slowly add the sweet almond oil, drip by drip, to the dry mixture while stirring with the whisk. Repeat with water.

Slowly add the rose essential oil, while stirring.

Peel petals off of the rose buds, and add a few to 9 of the heart mold cavities.

Spoon mixture into the nine mold cavities, then press down with your fingers to pack them.

Allow bath bombs to set in mold for 4-6 hours, than gently remove from the mold.

Wrap finished heart-shaped bath bombs in plastic wrap and store in a dry place or in an airtight container.

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