15 Best Vegetables for Container Gardens

One of the best ways to get started gardening in a small space is to use containers to plant your garden.


Many determinate tomato varieties stay small enough to be well worth growing in a container garden. You can also grow indeterminate tomatoes in very large pots.


Cucumbers can be trained to grow up on a trellis making them a great option for planting in containers.


In a container you can sift the soil completely and rest assured that your soil will not have any hard clumps or rocks that can lead to the carrots forking.


Many gardeners even use large containers like trash cans for growing potatoes though you can do just as well with a smaller and easier to manage container like a potato grow bag.


Some varieties of peppers do really well in large containers. In cooler climates, peppers will do better in containers because the roots stay warmer.

Spinach & Greens

Spinach and other greens grows well in containers and love cool temps. You can start your spinach in your container indoors before the last frost.


Onions are a great container crop. They don't need a very deep container making it well suited for upcycling totes.

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