Chicken Breeds for Colorful Eggs

Learn which chicken breeds lay which color eggs so you can get that colorful rainbow collection of eggs that you have always wanted!

In order to have a beautiful variety of egg colors from your flock, you will need to have a bunch of different chicken breeds in your flock.

Popular White Egg Laying Breeds

Ancona Andalusion Campines Leghorn Polish

Cochin  Dorking Faverolle Silkie

Cream or Lightly Tinted Egg Laying Breeds

Brown Egg Layers

Australorp Plymouth Rock Rhode Island Red Sussex Wyandotte

Blue Egg Layers

Araucana Ameraucana Easter Egger Cream Legbar Hybrid Breeds

Easter Eggers Olive Eggers Sapphire Gem

Green Egg Layers

Dark Brown Egg Layers

Barnvelder Marans  Pendescena Welsummer

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