13 Fastest Growing Vegetables

Waiting for vegetables to mature is one of the hardest parts of vegetable gardening. You spent all this time preparing; all you want is some fresh veggies.

Arugula often has the nickname “Rocket” because it matures so quickly.

Beets are a veggie that either you love or hate. And you get two harvests from one vegetable, with greens and the beetroot itself!

Bush beans are one of my favorite crops to grow. They mature much faster than pole beans.

Most people don’t think of carrots as a fast-growing vegetable, but if you pick a finger-sized or baby-sized carrot, they mature in 50-55 days.

Cucumbers are one of those quintessential plants that every gardener wants to grow in the summer.

Green onions might not taste precisely like larger onions, but they flavor dishes and act as a garnish for soups and baked potatoes.

Kale is a delicious, nutritious leafy green that grows well in most gardens. It’s a cool-weather-loving vegetable that matures quickly.

Depending on the variety that you grow, lettuce takes 21-35 days to reach maturity.

Some spinach varieties only take 30 days to reach full maturity.

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