DIY Tomato Support System

This DIY tomato support system uses inexpensive wooden posts and chicken wire or welded wire, whatever you might have on hand will work. You could also use T-posts and a cattle panel.

We pounded these 2x2 posts in about 1 foot or so using a t-post pounder. We angled the bottom off a bit with a sway first.

Next, it is a good idea to add a screw to the top of each post, to make screwing the top support piece in easier.

Then grab whatever spare 2x you might have lying around, and screw it in horizontally across the top of all the posts.

You want to give this vertical structure, some horizontal support by creating some diagonal supports on either end.

The last thing to do was to staple the chicken wire to the 2x2 posts from end to end.

As the tomatoes grow taller, I simply tie the plants gently to the chicken wire or wire fencing, using baling twine.

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