Make Stove Top Stuffing Taste Homemade

Here are quick and easy ways to dress up your favorite Stove Top Stuffing just in time for the holidays!

It seems like a cheat to use stuffing from a box on the holidays, but my family won't use anything else.

I think doctoring it up slightly, is a great way to dress it up and hopefully your guests won't be able to tell its from a box!

Add in a some of your favorite herbs, either fresh or dried works well! Such as: – Parsley – Sage – Rosemary – Thyme


Add in some pre-cooked meat to your stuffing! Such as: – Giblets – Sausage – Beef – Pork


Adding in some vegetables is always a good idea. Such as: – onions/shallots/leeks/scallions – celery – peppers – mushrooms


The addition of fruit is a really unique way to upscale your stuffing! Such as: – figs – apples – pears – cranberries


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