Seed Starting Schedule for the PNW-Garden Zone 8b

Let's go over when to start vegetable seeds for gardening zone 8b, including indoor seed starting, seeds directly sown in the garden as well as winter sowing.

Some plants need to have their seed sown indoors and some seed can be direct sown right in the garden.

Vegetables that Prefer to be Sown Indoors:

Artichokes Asparagus Celery Eggplant Onions Peppers Tomatoes

Other plants are much more cold tolerant and hardy, and will do fine outdoors in natural conditions.

Vegetables that Prefer to be Directly Sown In the Garden:

Beans Cucurbits family  Garlic Peas Pumpkins Squash family  Root crops

Some plants don't care either way - start them indoor or direct sow them:

Greens Brassicas

It is important to know the following dates for your garden zone and zip code before planting. These are my dates in for garden zone 8b in Monroe WA:

Important Dates for Starting a Vegetable Garden

Last frost date: April 17 – Safe date for night time temps to be above 50 degrees: May 15th – First frost date: Oct 27

Then there is the option of Winter Sowing, which is kind of a middle of the road option!

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