Easy DIY Painted Strawberry Rocks Tutorial

These painted strawberry rocks are an easy craft project you can do with your kids, that actually serves a great purpose!

Have you struggled with birds eating your strawberries? This fun project is an easy to do painted rock craft, and it actually deters birds from eating your strawberries!

Paint the rocks red with 3 coats of red paint.

Then paint the “leaves” of the berry.

Paint the yellow “seeds” of the berry, by just dabbing the brush on the rock.

Make a tiny dab of black paint above the yellow seed.

Spray the rocks with the Krylon Clear Coating and let dry. Now that they are done, place them in your strawberry bed a few weeks before you expect ripe fruit.

The birds will peck at these rocks thinking they are ripe fruit, and won't like it. They will learn not to peck any red fruit in your bed, which leaves your ripe strawberries all for you!

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