10+ Natural Slug and Snail Control Methods

Both snails and slugs are bad news if you like to garden. Not only can these pests destroy plants overnight, but they hide, making them hard to spot.

Head out in your garden at night and look for slugs and snails.

Collect Manually

Don’t Use Pesticides on Your Lawn

When you put pesticides on your grass, it is killing the helpful insects that control pests like slugs.

Place 2x4’s between the different crops at dusk. Find the slugs that are using these as a hiding place in the morning.

Trap Slugs

Use Wool to Control Slugs

Use wool pellets around the plants you don't want the slugs to eat, they don't like the texture and will avoid them.

Either of these types of tape work really well on raised beds, as you can tape around the perimeter of them.

Try Copper Tape or Sandpaper Tape

Put Up a Slug and Snail Fence

Another method that gardeners love is setting up an electric fence for slugs. A tiny electric slug fence that goes around raised beds.

 Beer-baited traps are an effective choice. The slugs and snails crawl in and drown.

Beer Traps

Use Organic Slug Bait

Typically, gardeners sprinkle the bait over the soil surface around the vulnerable plants. Be sure to use one that is afe around your pets.

DE sounds like a great choice, but it's no longer effective when it gets wet and will have to be reapplied often.

Diatomaceous Earth

Bring in Natural Predators

Ground beetles and firefly larvae are natural predators of slugs & snails. Don't use any pesticides that might harm the good bugs!

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