Mulch Your Garden for Less Weeds

Gardening and weeding tend to go hand in hand. Mulching a garden can help prevent weeds and therefore make for easy gardening.

Using mulch for no weeding, it is the secret to easy gardening! Read on for more garden mulch benefits and ideas!

Mulching is the act of covering the bare earth ideally with an organic matter that breaks down, or composts, in place. Your goal is to prevent sunlight from reaching the bare earth, which allows weed seeds to germinate. You can even use a silage tarps or black plastic sheeting if you need to.

You can even start a new garden with cardboard and mulch!

If you just cut the weeds, say with a weed wacker, they will just grow back.

Cutting Weeds VS Pulling

If you cut those weeds right down to the ground, and then smother them with card board and mulch, that is truly the best way to kill them, and prevent new ones from growing.

- straw  - leaves - grass clippings - saw dust - wood shavings - bark chips -cardboard

Types of Mulch to Use

As the mulch decomposes, this draws worms and other little micro-organisms into the soil, breaking it up and leaving compost behind.

If your using a mainly all brown mulch, sprinkling with composted chicken manure is all you need to do to supplement it.