How & Why You Should Prune Tomato Plants

Not sure how or why you should prune your tomato plants? Today we will be sharing how and why you should!

Indeterminate tomatoes are a vining plant that will continue to grow and produce fruit until they experience their first frost.

Therefore it is a good idea to provide them adequate support and to prune them to keep them healthy.

Pruning the suckers off the plant, creates better air flow and air circulation around the plant which creates a healthier environment for the plant.

Pruning the lower 12"-18" of the plant, helps to prevent back splash from the ground when it rains or when you water. Diseases and virus bacteria can live in the soil, so keeping that away from your plant is a good idea.

Arrows are pointing to branches that need to be pruned, lines are where to cut them off. Notice the upper most arrow is pointing to a sucker branch.

I also top off the top of my plant, when it reaches the top of the support in mid-late August. This helps the plant put energy into ripening the fruit that has already set on the plant.

More than likely, your plants will still produce tomatoes if you choose not to prune. However, disease may set in earlier than if you don't.

Be careful not to cut off so much foliage, that your tomato fruit is exposed to the sun, as the fruits can get sun scald.

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