How to Start Onion Seed Indoors

How to start onion seed indoors step by step! Starting onion seeds indoors, is not difficult at all.

I sow most of my seeds using two methods, Winter Sowing and planting indoors.

Onion Seed VS Onion Sets

Onion sets will bolt very early, as they are actually onion that was grown from seed the previous year. There are not as many varieties available as with seeds.

Onion seeds are one type of seed that do not store well. I learned that the hard way one year. I planted 2 yr old left over seed, and had less than 10% germinate.

I like to use seed tray inserts that are approximately 4" x 6" or 5"x5". Draw 4 furrows about a ½" deep the length of the tray.

Once the majority of the seeds have germinated, it is safe to take the plastic dome lid off.  This is only used to ensure that the soil stays damp for germination.

As your onions starts grow, they may get long and scraggly. It is perfectly ok to give them a "haircut" to neaten them up. I trim them down to 2-3" high.

Keep watering, feeding and trimming them until you are ready to plant out in the garden. This is usually around April 1st or so here in the PNW.

Winter sowing is a great option for starting onion seed if you don't have a lot of room indoors. Plant the containers with the seed, set it outside, simple as that.

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