How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

When cooler temperatures come on in the fall, and the end of the growing season is near, you must learn how to store green tomatoes to ripen, or lose out on part of your harvest.

Direct sunlight doesn’t encourage ripening. That’s why they didn’t ripen outside!

Temperature is the most critical factor for ripening. The warmer temperatures in summertime quickly ripen the fruit.

The easiest way to ripen green tomatoes is to put five to ten tomatoes into a brown paper bag along with a ripening apple or banana.

Take a cardboard box and line it with newspaper. Put the green tomatoes on top of the newspaper in a single layer. Place another layer of newspaper on top of the tomatoes and leave them somewhere in your house in a warm place.

Keeping your tomatoes in a glass jar or a plastic bag keeps the ethylene in one place, making the fruits ripen faster.

Using a sunny windowsill has mixed results. It’s best to use this method if your tomatoes already show signs of ripening.

If the end of the season is close and you have tomatoes not ripening, pull the entire plant out of the ground and hang the whole tomato plant upside down.

Tomatoes ripen best when you leave part of the stem attached. Wash and dry your tomatoes before letting them ripen.

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