Can you Freeze Cherry Tomatoes Whole?

Are you overrun with cherry tomatoes and wondering if you can freeze cherry tomatoes whole? Well yes you can! We will go over how and why freezing whole cherry tomatoes is a great idea.

Sometimes it is hard to keep up, especially when you have a lot of fresh tomatoes coming in. The fresh flavor of just picked ripe tomatoes is the best, but freezing tomatoes is the easiest way to deal with them quickly with minimal effort.

How to Freeze Whole Cherry Tomatoes First, I remove any that are split or not perfect and then I remove any stems.

Next they get a quick wash. I fill a clean sink, with cold water, and put in a few glugs of vinegar.

I quickly swish the cherry tomatoes around in the sink a few times. Then I pull them out with my hands, placing them back in the colander.

When it is full, dump them out to dry in a single layer on a kitchen towel.

Next while they are drying, I get out my ziplock baggies and label them with the year. Once the cherry tomatoes are clean and dry, I place them in freezer-safe bags or freezer-safe containers and put them in the freezer.

After I fill each bag, I weigh them and add that weight to the label on each bag. This lot yielded over 11 pounds of soon to be frozen cherry tomatoes!

Vacuum Sealing Cherry Tomatoes If you want to vacuum seal your cherry tomatoes, it is best to freeze them in a single layer on a baking sheet first.

Freezing Roasted Tomatoes You can also choose to roast them in the oven until they begin to slightly brown. Remove from the oven and let cool before freezing them.

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