Winter Sowing Lavender Seed

Learn how to grow lavender from seed easily and simply using the winter sowing method!

I winter sow my lavender seed in January in Garden Zone 8B in the PNW.

Fill the jugs with 3-4" of dampened potting soil. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil.

Tape the jug closed with a heavy duty duct tape, the lid should be off and set it outside in an area where it will receive sun and rain.

Keep a watch on the seed, so that you know when the seed has germinated and you have seedlings now growing.

Once it does get warm out, usually in the 60's or warmer, you will want to open the jugs.

When you are ready to transplant the seedlings, empty the jug by dumping in upside down.

Then plant the lavender in 6" deep hole and be sure to water it deeply.

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