Seed Starting 101: Planting Peas

Soon it will be the first day of spring.....have you got your peas planted yet? Planting peas is usually my first act of getting the garden going for the year since they are a cold season crop.

Fava beans, like peas, also go in early, just stick them in the ground, down about an 1" or 2", and you are good to go.

Peas are a cold season crop, so they don't mind the cold, but they also won't germinate if it's freezing out.

To germinate quickly, soak your peas before planting. Either overnight or even for a couple of hours, then mix them with an inoculant to improve germination.

I tend to plant in wide raised rows. Wide raised rows allow the peas to choke out any weeds by shading them from sunlight.

Before you walk away from them, don't forget to mulch them and provide a support for them to grow on.

The mulch will not only compost in place, but will prevent weeds from germinating, and helps keep the soil from drying out.

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