Make Money Selling

Veggie Starts & Plants

Want to Grow a Money Garden? Don't we all!  Let's talk about how you can make money growing plants at home, by growing plants and selling them right from your own home! That's almost as good as a money garden!

Sowing seeds is an easy way to make money growing plants at home, since I am going to grow them anyway!

How To Make Money Gardening

The first thing I started selling, was extra tomato and pepper seedlings. They are some of the most profitable plants to grow and sell from home in my opinion.

Taking Orders for Vegetables Starts

One way to sell starts is to list the varieties you have, and start taking orders for what people want before planting the seed.

Make Money Selling Your Extra Vegetable Starts

The second school of thought, is to just plant what you like, and post what extras you have for sale, at the time that the seedlings are ready to go to their new homes.

Ideally, I try to have my posts up on my Facebook page listing what I will have for sale in early February. And then each weekend, I bump them up in local groups and on my Facebook page, and then list them on Facebook Marketplace when they are ready to be sold.

I begin advertising near the end of February. I start my own tomato seed in early March, and tomatoes I am selling closer to mid March.

To keep my costs as minimal as possible, I only up pot into 4" pots or Solo cups with holes cut into the bottom. Every year I get new customers who say they will be back next year!

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