Growing Vegetables in the

Cooler Seasons

If you are a homesteader, and you want to live a self sufficient lifestyle, than you must consider how to grow more food with fall and winter crops.

For maximum food production on your homestead, you should plan to grow food crops year round, utilizing cool season crops.

Everyone can grow food in those cooler seasons as well as the summer, and if you do so, you will have more fresh food for your family.

Things like cold frames and greenhouses can help, but are not always necessary.

Don't forget to continue to be wary of garden pests in cooler seasons.

Many beginner gardeners, are not aware that some crops prefer to be grown or started in the cooler seasons, and don't fare as well when planted in the summer heat.

– Onions – Peas – Brassicas ie: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc – Greens ie: lettuces, chard, spinach, collards, arugala – Root crops: carrots, beets, parsnips, potatoes, radish

Cold Season Crops

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